Humic Acid powder & liquid based

Benefits :
It is a good plant growth stimulant acting on both soil and plants.

Soil :

  • It Improves soil physical property, water holding capacity, drought tolerance ability.
  • It stimulates the production of soil micro-organisms and increases microbial activity.
  • It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and neutralizes their harmful effects.

Plants :

  • It helps for white root development of plants which results in maximum growth.
  • It increases the absorption of nutrients through the roots and leaves of plants.
  • It stimulates plant enzymes, hormones, minerals, vitamins and increases photosynthesis.
  • It protects plants from physical/soil stress.
  • It increases seed germination rates, root and shoot development.

Overall results in “Fertile soil, higher yield and better quality of crops”

Direction for use :

Folier Spray :

  • Dose : 2-3 ml humigene per litre of water (or dissolve 500 ml humigene per 200 litre of water)
  • Method : It can be sprayed to all crops before flowering or at actively growing stages once in a 30 days, in the morning or evening for better result.

Soil Application :

  • Dose : 1 litre humigene per acre with sufficient quantity of water.
  • Method : It can be used alone or mixed with other fertilizers and applied via drip irrigation or directly sprayed on ploughed soil.

Seed Treatment :

  • Dose : 10ml humigene/Kg seed in sufficient quantity of water.
  • Method : Soak the seeds in the solution for at least 1 hour before sowing.


Type Organic
Release Type Quick
State Liquid
Purity 100%
Shelf Life 1 Year
Storage Cool & Dry Place

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